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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

In my Mailbox: Divergent Style!

I won this a few weeks back, and I was SO happy! A twitter account, @Divergentlxicon, was doing a FINAL giveaway the day before Insurgent by Veronica Roth came out. They were giving out a grand prize, and it included: A copy of Insurgent, a "Four Thinks I'm Beautiful" pendant, Amity coffee cozy, bracelet, earrings & a bookmark. It was the GRAND prize, and I NEEDED to win it! To win it, you had to retweet THEIR tweet/message on twitter (that's what they call it on Twitter.) Unfortunately, I didn't win it :( 

Instead, this happened:

So as you can see, I reached my daily limit, and BOY ... was I MAD! >.< If you look at the left side, that's what I was tweeting for the last, oh ... what is it? The last TWO HOURS! Stayed up until 10 PM on a school night. When that came up, I just gave up and went to bed! 

But when I woke up the next morning, this is what I got:

So I kinda started jumping up and down, and couldn't stop screaming. I was excited I won something from them, and I LOVED IT! :D Well, the prize I mean. 

Before I got my actual prize, this is what I got for being in the Amity Fraction:

I was also really excited for this, too! I mean, a "Four Thinks I'm Beautiful" bookmark? That's AMAZING! I use it all the time, especially whenever I'm reading one of Veronica's books! It wasn't until Saturday, May 12th, that I got my package, and  BOY; Was I EXCITED! :D

Here's the package:

PS: I had my info blurred out. Safety reasons(:

Then came the opening:

I then SLOWLY opened the package, peeking inside:

And FINALLY, this is what I got:







EEK! My favorite is the TATTOOS! I think they're SO AMAZING! And the coffee cozy? I will use that ALL the time, as I am addicted to coffee(:

Today, I put on my first tattoo, and guess what fraction is was!

DAUNTLESS! :D I am Amity, but I wanted to try out the Dauntless first. I had to admit, it made me feel pretty badass! >.< I showed all my friends who read Divergent and/or Insurgent today, and they all got pretty jealous (: 

Here's a closer look at the tattoos I got:

So I just wanted so share that with you guys today. I also won something ELSE, and soon, you will hear from that (:

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