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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

REVIEW: "Crescendo" by Becca Fitzpatrick

Title: Crescendo
Author: Becca Fitzpatrick
Series: Hush Hush
Series #: 2
Pages: 432


Nora should have known her life was far from perfect. Despite starting a relationship with her guardian angel, Patch (who, title aside, can be described as anything but angelic), and surviving an attempt on her life, things are not looking up. Patch is starting to pull away and Nora can't figure out if it's for her best interest or if his interest has shifted to her arch-enemy, Marcie Millar. Not to mention that Nora is haunted by images of her father and she becomes obsessed with finding out what really happened to him that night he left for Portland and never came home.
The further Nora delves into the mystery of her father's death, the more she comes to question if her Nephilim bloodline has something to do with it as well as why she seems to be in danger more than the average girl. Since Patch isn't answering her questions and seems to be standing in her way, she has to start finding the answers on her own. Relying too heavily on the fact that she has a guardian angel puts Nora at risk again and again. But can she really count on Patch or is he hiding secrets darker than she can even imagine?

Selena's POV:
Let's just point out that I was stupid enough to NOT read this book fast enough. I've read Hush Hush a while back, but that was like, last summer! Currently, I'm just catching up on my forgot-to-read-the-rest-of-the-series-so-I-should-read-it-now series, and this happens to be one of them.

Let's state the obvious: This book was the most intense, most emotionally sequel I've EVER read in my entire lifetime! You're probably asking, "Why is that, Selena?". Well, there are two reasons:
1. The characters, plot, setting, problem, solution, EVERYTHING was AMAZING!
2. I wanted to SCREAM in frustration because of how much this book caused me pain & because I waited SO LONG to read this book!

I legitly wanted to punch myself because of reason 2 ... well, the end of reason 2, I mean. At the end of the book, I just kept thinking about how could I pass this book up?! How could I have not read it ANY SOONER?! And let's point out that I finished this book in two days, and that's pretty good for me, considering that school is ending, and all the stress is filling my head.

Now, let's go to the book, shall we? When we left off from Hush Hush, we found that Nora & Patch were happily together! YAY! And when we start Crescendo, mother of ducks, just HELP THEM ALREADY! This is the part I wanted to scream in frustration because, let's face it, every relationship has their ups and downs, and in the beginning of the book, you see that with Nora & Patch. Now that's all I'm gonna say before I can't hold myself back and tell you EVERYTHING!

Throughout the book, you met a guy named Scott who is a long-time friend from Nora's childhood. He's mysterious (but not as mysterious as Patch!) and keeps Nora guessing about his background and why he moved back in town. I really hated him in the book. His attitude just threw me off, and I didn't like him. But to be honest, in the end, I liked him. I thought he wasn't a bad guy after all, & that he was a decent guy.

Also, throughout the book, I REALLY hated Patch! He was keeping TOO many secrets and I just couldn't handle them anymore! I felt that he was just horrible and I didn't like him. I STILL kinda don't like him ...

Now ... onto the next book! :D

1 comment:

  1. Great review! It sounds like you really enjoyed this one - great! I still need to make a start on this series. Hope I enjoy it!

    New to your blog,
    Steph @ Stepping Out of the Page


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