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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Cassandra Clare Conducts "Infernal Devices" Character Q&A

The Infernal Devices by Cassanrda Clare is by far my favorite series in the world Period. It's just really amazing, and if you guys haven't read it, GO DO IT NOW! :) Anyways, a couple of days ago, Cassanda Clare announced over twitter that she would be doing a Infernal Devices Character Q&A. When I read the the whole thing, it just made me laugh! Though I have the WHOLE Q&A for you here! Read on below ;)

Q: Will: If you had a chance to go to the future, what would be the first thing you would do or say?
A: Why am I in the future?
Q: Will: do you love Tessa enough to give her up?
A: If it’s better for her, then yes.
Q: Will, if you could choose to meet one author who & why?
A: Dickens, so I could complain about Little Nell.
Q: Tessa: Do you feel a little love for Will?
A: Tessa: I’m not quite sure what I feel.
Q: Will, will you be ok with Cecily being a shadowhunter?
A: No. I don’t like the idea at all.
Q: Tessa: Any recommend for novels you’d love people to read?
A: The Hidden Hand, Great Expectations
Q: Cecily, how do you feel towards Will now that you’re in the Institute with him?
A: He has changed a great deal.
Q: Cecily, who is most friendly at the Institute/are you glad to have your brother back?
A: Jem&Tessa are the most friendly. Will is distant.
Q: Will: What would you say if you meant Tatiana one day…?
A: Does laughing in a superior manner count as saying something?
Q: Jem: do you really love Tessa?
A: Yes. What a strange question.
A: Who?
Q: Gabriel do you have a crush on Will?
A: Gabriel: O_o
Q: Gideon, are your intentions serious towards Sophie?
A: Yes, very, but she does not believe it.
Q: Jem: If there was a cure but it would kill someone you loved would you take it?
A: No. (Good question. :D )
Q: Jem, how come you notice so much about Will, but you didn’t notice his feelings for Tessa?
A: What feelings?
Q: Will: now that you know the truth about the curse will u try to follow up with ur family?
A: It’s still forbidden.
Q: Sophie, so you and Gideon, huh? ;)
A: Hmph, no idea what you’re talking about.
Q: Bridget, do you realise that you drive everyone insane with your weird songs?
A: Bridget: *creepy stare*
Q: Tessa, if Jem died before the wedding, would you consider dating Will afterwards?
A: Will would never consent.
Q: Jem, not so much a question, just wanted to say you’re perfect!
A: *Jem, unused to compliments, hides in the violin*
Q: Jem: now that you know Tessa loves you, does it make you even more scared of dying?
A: Yes. (Also a good question.)
Q: tessa: if jem hadnt proposed would u have chosen will instead at the end when he told u he loved u?
A: I would have given him a chance.
Q: Will, are you going to let Jem and Tessa go through with the wedding?
A: I have no intention of doing anything else.
Q: Gabriel, would you forgive Will?
A: He doesn’t seem to care to be forgiven.
Q: Will: if Jem died tomorrow would you go after Tessa?
A: All of these questions about Jem dying are unnaturally morbid. *_*
Q: Charlotte, do you and Henry have a name for the baby yet?
A: Still fighting about Buford.
Q: Jem: if stopping being a shadowhunter would save you would you give it up? (U don’t give up anything else)
A: Yes.
Q: Jessamine: Do you still Love Nate?
A: I hate him now as much as I used to love him.
Q: Tessa : do you forgive will for everything now you know about the “xxx”?
A: Yes, I do forgive him for everything.
Q: Jem, what would you do if you discovered Will had feelings for Tessa?
A: I would want to know if she returned them.
Q: Jem: If Tessa left you for Will, what would you think?
A: I would forgive them, but inside, it would destroy me permanently.
Q: Magnus : How do you feel for Will after all?
A: Like I owe him.
Q: tessa do u miss nate?
A: Yes.
Q: Aloysius, why were you so disturbed by meeting Tessa?
A: Don’t ask me questions! I hate everyone! (good q, tho)
Q: Magnus: How does Woolsey compare to Camille…. in the bedroom?
A: Surprisingly, more biting.
Q: Jem: What would you do if you discovered what Tessa&Will feel for each other?
A: But they don’t feel anything for each other.
Q: Will: Do you remember when Magnus kissed you?
Q: Jem: Would you be willing to give up being a shadowhunter to marry Tessa in case the clave denies ur request?
A: Yes.
Q: Magnus: Do you love Woolsey?
A: Woolsey doesn’t really love anyone.
Q: Charlotte, what do you think about Jem and Tessa’s engagement?
A: They are young, but they seem to love each other. I worry..
Q: Henry: Are you working in something new?
A: Yes, a device meant to transport Nephilim from place to place!
Q: Will: if Jem couldn’t marry Tessa for any reason, would you go after her?
A: It would depend on the reason.
Q: Jem, how much does Tessa mean to you?
A: Everything.
Q: Magnus what do you think of Jem&Tessa getting married, knowing how Will feels?
A: I can’t see it all turning out well.
Q: Jem: do you have any other family members?
A: Yes. So does Will.
Q: Sophie: if Gideon proposes you right away, what will you say?
A: We haven’t been speaking, it would be very odd.
Q: Mortmain, What’s Tessa, what is she?
A: Sadly Mortmain is lurking in his lair and unavailable for questions.
Q: Will: knowing that jem would one day die what did you think when asking him to be your parabatai?
A: That you cannot treat the dying as if nothing they do in their life matters. Otherwise he might as well be already dead.
Q: Will: How far are you willing to go for Tessa?
A: I would do almost anything for her. I would not hurt Jem.
Q: Will, do you find it hard to cope being around Jem and Tessa when they are being openly affectionate?
A: Yes
Q: Magnus: would you ever date a shadowhunter?
A: I should think not.
Q: Tessa, did you accept Jem’s proposal out of pity?
A: Certainly not!
Q: Tessa, now that you are getting married, are children at all a thought?
A: I believe I cannot have them.
Q: Tessa, who is better kisser: Jem or Will?
A: Oh dear, very improper, but they are both…well, it’s imposisble to choose!
Q: Gabriel: Would you date Cecily out of revenge?
A: Who’s Cecily?
Q: Tessa: what would you tell Jem if he questioned you about your burnt hand?
A: I said it was an accident.
Q: Jem, if you had to choese between Tessa or will, Who would it be?
A: I do not know how to choose between the people I love most.
Q: Tessa: how do you feel that Cecily is at the Institute? Do you think this will be good for Will?
A: I hope it will. I want him to be happy.
Q: Woosley, what is your impression of Will?
A: Pretty ones are trouble. Off to Budapest I go.
Q: Cecily: Were you ever angry at Will for leaving you and your parents to become a shadowhunter?
A: Very, very angry.
Q: Ragnor: Have you ever kissed Magnus?
A: Not my type.
Q: Will: Can you speak fluent Welsh?
A: Yes, Cecy also.
Q: Gabriel: Do you still trust your father? Completely?
A: I did, up until last week, until a very strange thing happened…
Q: Camille: Do you have new boyfriend or too soon?
A: Oh, I’ve moved on and sent Magnus all his presents back. Hmph!
Q: Tessa, do you want Will to find someone else to love?
A: It would kill me but it would only be fair…I made the only choice I could and he does not owe me.
Q: Tessa: Do you have the same feelings for Will as you do towards Jem?
A: Tessa: I love Jem. I truly do. And I had given up on Will. But the dreadful thing about Will being so honorable about everything is that I have realized …. well. It doesn’t matter now.
So there it is! What do you think of it? Liked it? :) Cassie will also do a Mortal Instruments Character Q&A When she gets back from Mexico! Stay tuned!

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