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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The World of Richelle Mead App

If you guys didn't hear, Richelle Mead announced a VERY long time ago that there was going to be an app for her! How AMAZING is that?! This app will have her popular YA Series Vampire Academy and Bloodlines. It will have EVERYTHING about the series, including characters, about herself, the books, and so much more!

Though if you go to her blog, you can check out everything she is posting about the app! Every day this week, she will be posting something about the app. So make sure you keep in touch with her amazing blog :)

The World of Richelle Mead App is available THIS FRIDAY! So make sure you go and get it! It is available on Ipad, Ipod, and Iphone.

No, it isn't available on the Android market ... yet! Though there isn't any news about it being on the Android :( Yes, lots of people are disappointed (including me as I have a Android Tablet) though Mead told us there isn't anything official there, though that may change.

Keep in touch with the Bookieholics blog, Facebook page, and Twitter to hear all the news about this app and so much more!

If you have anymore questions, visit the Bloodlines Facebook Page for an FAQ that gives you some background info.

Are you excited for this app?

--Selena (:

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