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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

RT Booklovers Convention!

To be honest, I'm REALLY excited for this! This is an AWESOME Convention for readers like us! It's held in Rosemont, Illinois on Saturday April 14th, so you must go! At this Convention, lots and LOTS of authors are going to be there, including Richelle Mead, Vernocia Roth, Amy Plum, Kelly Armstrong, Kami Garcia, and so much more! You can go and get all your books signed; that's what I'm doing! (:

Other than that, Amy Plum, author of "If I Die", is going to be there. The cool thing is that she's giving away her 2nd book, "Until I Die", at the Convention. And that's 3 WEEKS EARLY FROM THE OFFICIAL RELEASE DATE! How cool is that?! And that's so nice of her to do this. So make sure you go get it if you're going to the convention. For more information on this, click here

Okay ... so moving on to the Convention:

The RT Booklovers Convention is going to have so many cool workshops for you to do, including "Writing Workshop", and "Author Speed Reading" which is when the author reads an expert from his/her upcoming book and/or recent released book. Also, there is a Teen P-A-R-T-Y which, if you're the first 250 people to register, you get a free "Swag" bag!

The YA book signing goes from 11AM - 2PM. The workshops goes from 2:30PM - 6PM. And the Teen P-A-R-T-Y goes from 6PM - 7:30PM. The admission for this is $25 per person, and you also need an adult with you. Click here for more information on this

Here is the list of EVERY author that is coming to the RT Booklovers Convention!

I really love this, and I'm planning to go. I just live in Wisconsin, and I'm really excited! Though I do need to save up LOTS of money :)

Are you planning to go to this?

--Selena (:

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