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Sunday, April 15, 2012

RT Booklovers Convention 2012!

I got this AWESOME opportunity to go to this years RT Booklovers Convention in Chicago! I met so many awesome authors, and got really cool pictures! I'll go in order in which I saw them in.

First, I pasted these AWESOME posters! Though, I didn't meet the authors in person, I did see them:

After that, I saw this:

Sweet, huh? My sister and I couldn't stop laughing! >.< Though I think it's very cool! :D

Those pictures above were before waiting in line, in which we had to wait exactly 2 hours. INSANE! But extremely worth it! I didn't take many pictures, and I regret it. But aside from that, here's what my sister got when I met Richelle Mead:

These authors had the BIG lines! I waited an hour just to met Richelle. You see Veronica Roth other there? I met her too, but only waited 30 minutes. Ain't too bad. Though I didn't get a personal picture with Veronica Roth, I did get this picture. It counts, right? ;)

I made a collage when I met Richelle Mead. She's the nicest person I've ever met before! :D I'm SO HAPPY I got to meet the author that made me shed a thousand tears ;)

Now in all, I got these books signed:

I also met Rachel Vincent who is the author of the Soul Screamers Series. She was really nice, too! She was the very first author I've ever met. (Or saying that she was the first person I went to >.<)

But just because I got my books signed, didn't mean I didn't come home with some awesome swag!

I came home with like, 30 bookmarks! AWESOME, RIGHT?! Now that's good new for you Bookieholics!  We're going to be hosting another giveaway sometimes soon, and you'll get a chance to win some of the bookmarks I came home with! :D 

Yay for you guys!

Well, I guess that is all. It's was a very long & tiring trip to Chicago, but it was worth it! Waiting in line for 2 hours, and then waiting in line again for 1 hour, and waiting in line AGAIN for 30 minutes. Not too bad, huh?  ;) Hahaa! I hope everyone had a great weekend, because I know I did!

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