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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Bookieholic Questions: When People Stop Reading a Book in The Middle of The Book

I wanted to talk/blog you guys about something that always frustrates me:

When people stop reading a book in the middle of the book.

Like, really? I've done this before, but that was because the library didn't let me renew the book. I think they have something against me ... but I've also done it to the Morganville Vampire Book(s), but that's another story.

My reason to stop reading the book in the middle of the book are listed below:

1. It's just so BORING! I mean, I really convince myself to keep reading, and saying that the book will get so much better! But then, the book just doesn't.

2. There's nothing to it; nothing happening, no action, no romance, nothing. 

3. It's confusing; even IF i re-read the chapters over and over again. It's still confusing.

Anyways, I just wanted your thoughts on this. Have you guys done this before, and to which books? Why did you guys do it?

1 comment:

  1. i do that sometimes. or my school work. or its due to the library. aghh.... :) lol. :)


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