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Monday, March 26, 2012

Bookieholics March Updates!

Hey guys!

We're so thrilled you guys are supporting us! We thank each and everyone of you who has liked our Facebook Page or followed our blog! The end of March is coming very quickly, so we though that making this post would help you get in all the things you can before the end of March comes! :D

1. Vote for your Favorite Book Cover!
-- You only have 5 MORE DAYS TO VOTE! And there's only 11 votes :'( Can we make the poll numbers higher?! I think we can ;) Click here to vote NOW!

2. Bookieholics's 200 Likes on Facebook Giveaway!
-- Our very FIRST Bookieholics Giveaway is going on right now as we speak ... or blog! There's only 62 entries right now :'( C'mon guys .... we can do BETTER THAN THAT! Make sure you spread the word to EVERYONE you know! There's really cool things we're giving away! This giveaway ends on April 6th, and we'll announce our winner(s) on April 7th!

To enter in this giveaway, Click here and win awesome things!!

Again, thank you guys again! Each and every one of you! Both of us here, Rhianna and Selena, are very busy! We really hope you guys keep supporting us in the future!


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