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Monday, March 26, 2012

The Hunger Games Movie Review


This was really a great movie, honestly. I really liked it ... A LOT! Though I couldn't give it five stars. As always, I think the books are better than movies, but some people don't, and that's fine! First of all, I want to point out the parts I cried at.

Parts Selena Cried At:

1. When the "Lions Gate" logo came on.
-Okay, honestly? I was really excited! I couldn't believe I was actually sitting in a theater, watching the movie ... So I cried. ;)

2.When Prim screamed at the beginning at the movie, and Katniss and Prim started singing.
-I thought this was SO CUTE! Such a cute bond. And I also cried because it was still the beginning of the movie ;)

3. When Katniss Volunteered at the reaping. 
-Okay, to be honest, I saw this on the previews SO MANY TIMES that I thought I wasn't going to cry. But then, when the scene happened, I just balled my eyes out. I don't know why! It was just so sad and brave of Katniss to take Prim's place (:

4. When Katniss was saying goodbye to her mother, and told her not to cry.
-Katniss expects me NOT to cry when she says NOT to cry? Crazy girl ....

5. When Peeta was crying in the car with Effie and Katniss.
-AHH! Peeta crying? HOT! That's why I was crying ;)

THENNN after that, my aunt told me to shut up or I was going to get kicked out. First of all, I thought she was joking. THEN I looked over at the doorway and saw a man standing there. That's when I finally stopped crying(: But then I cried again when Rue died. SAD! But if I had to choose, the Reaping was probably when I cried the most.

Now here are the things that bothered me .... a lot:

1. The mocking jay pin - First of all, THEY CUT OUT MADGE! Madge was the WHOLE reason WHY the pin is SO important in the other books. That just made me mad.

2. Katniss didn't get dehydrated in the arena. That made me mad because in the movie, she looked like she didn't even SUFFER! In the book, Katniss had a hard time, and I wanted that to show in the move. 

3. Katniss didn't yell Peeta's name when the announced that people from the same district can win if they're both alive. I mean, really? That was kinda the whole part of showing how she faked everything ....

4. Katniss and Rue HARDLY talked! They were suppose to talk about their Districts, and how District 11 is worst than 12! Grrr ....

5. The Cornucopia. Don't even get me started on what was all wrong with it. It looked like .... Nothing!

6. THEY DIDN'T EAT THE BERRYS! They were suppose to at the end, and then spit it out! But NOOO! The didn't even get to number 3.

7. The dogs? God Dammit. THEY WERE SUPPOSE TO HAVE THE COLOR OF THE EYES OF ALL OF THE TRIBUTES! They didn't even look ANYTHING like I pictured them.

8. Peeta didn't take his shirt off. Disappointment ...

9. The cave scene? Could have extended MUCH longer. And the syrupy? They didn't even show that! THAT part I was looking forward to!

10. When Clove died? No .... NO NO NO NO NOOOOO! It wasn't suppose to be like that!! She should've died worst. Even though I'm Team Clove all the way, I still thought how she died should've been more.

Things I actually enjoyed in the movie:

1. When Haymitch sent Katniss the note; "You call that a kiss?" HAHAHAA!

2. Jennifer Lawrence is AMAZING! So freaking happy she got the role. She is Katniss no doubt about it!

3. I though Cinna was cool. Peeta was hot. Effie was amazing. And Haymitch should have been more drunk ;)

4. The showed the districts ACTUALLY rebelling. Now THAT'S a big part in the next movies ... (:

5. When the cannon blew and Katniss started yelling Peeta's name. She then ran into him and yelled "God Dammit Peeta! You scared me!" and then hugged him! I thought that was cuteee <33

6. When the dogs/mutt things came to attack them. You knew they were coming ... but at the same time ... you didn't. That's the part that made me jump and I LOVED IT!

So it's really half and half, honestly. It's easier to point out the things that weren't right. Overall, you should go see the movie! :D It's amazing, and so much action, too! A good date movie, really. Some romance but with action ;)

Oh, and another thing. The soundtrack? 3/12 (how many songs there are on the soundtrack ... whatever.) only  3 songs played ... really. That made me MAD! I was looking forward to MORE songs! Isn't that why they have a soundtrack?!

Here are some pictures w/ Katniss, Peeta and Gale! They were giving away life-size Katniss, Gale and Peeta! Unfortunately, I didn't win them :( Though they were giving these things away to ages 9-18 .... get it?! HUNGER GAMES! Hahaa :)

With Katniss and Gale ;)


With the Hunger Games Poster outside of the theater!

And yes, that is the Mocking Jay pin on my left shoulder. And my shirt says Team Clove :)

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