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Saturday, March 10, 2012

REVIEW: Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr

Title: Wicked Lovely
Author: Melissa Marr
Pages: 328
Series: Wicked Lovely
Series #: 1
Rating:  .5


Rule #3: Don't stare at invisible faeries.
Aislinn has always seen faeries. Powerful and dangerous, they walk hidden in mortal world. Aislinn fears their cruelty—especially if they learn of her Sight—and wishes she were as blind to their presence as other teens.

Rule #2: Don't speak to invisible faeries.
Now faeries are stalking her. One of them, Keenan, who is equal parts terrifying and alluring, is trying to talk to her, asking questions Aislinn is afraid to answer.

Rule #1: Don't ever attract their attention.

But it's too late. Keenan is the Summer King who has sought his queen for nine centuries. Without her, summer itself will perish. He is determined that Aislinn will become the Summer Queen at any cost—regardless of her plans or desires.

Suddenly none of the rules that have kept Aislinn safe are working anymore, and everything is on the line: her freedom; her best friend, Seth; her life; everything.
Faerie intrigue, mortal love, and the clash of ancient rules and modern expectations swirl together in Melissa Marr's stunning 21st century faery tale.

Selena's POV:
*Sigh* This was probably the first book that made me fall in love with faeries! This is SUCH an amazing book! Though people don't think so, and I kinda know why ...

Aislinn is a tough girl, and really confident in herself. She knows the rules and plays by the rules ... until they're broken. I really like her due to the fact that she's an outsider who has this sight in which she can see faeries. Keenan is such a sweetheart! Though he can turn his back on you with a snap of his fingers! He's dangerous, so be cautious ... (: Seth is like, the PREFECT boyfriend in all of the WORLD! If you've read this book, you know what I'm talking about *wink*. He's just SO sweet and a down to earth kind of guy. He's protective over Aislinn, and I think that's cute ;)

In Wicked Lovely, Keenan is trying to find a Summer Queen due to that the Winter Queen, which, unfortunately, is Keenan's Mother, is spreading cold over fairyland. With a Summer Queen, Keenan can gain the power to defeat the cold his mother is spreading. Oh, and for every girl Keenan seduces into loving him and who ultimately is not the Summer Queen, an eternal life of coldness is reward, with only a wolf for a companion. Geez! Pretty tough, huh?

Aislinn is the next on Keenan's list, and she isn't happy about it. She has other things on her mind, like not going into the fairy world, and spending time with her best friend Seth. Seth .... *Sighs*. Seth and Aislinn have a very good relationship together, though they are falling a bit for each other. But Aislinn values her relationship with Seth too much that she doesn't want to go any farther than friends. But Seth is a COMPLETE flirt, which doesn't really work out well! Kind of like Keenan in a way, but not a Summer King.

I don't like love triangles, but I do like love triangles, which is a bit weird. It keeps the story VERY interesting, but makes me sad because one out of the three people have to get hurt. But the thing about this is that Keenan is in love with someone else; Donia. I feel bad for her due to that she has to watch Keenan fall in love with other girls when she is in love with him.

Though things didn't seem really balanced in the beginning ... the start of the book was a bit confusing for me. And, although I love Seth, he just seemed too picture-perfect. I mean, no one can really live that way the way he forgives people so easily and doesn't really have any flaws.

Now I can't really reveal too much for you guys. That is what reading if for! *Cheers* (:

I recommend this book for you guys to read. You'll LOVE it! I haven't read the rest of the series but I'm really looking forward to it. I can remember laying in bed for hours after I finished the book. I was too depressed to go to sleep! I wanted to find out what happened next :)


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